Please see attached our 2017 Global Snapshot. The purpose of the document is to provide a 2 page ‘dashboard-style’ synopsis of key macroeconomic views as well as highlighting event risks and mega-trends beyond 2017. For further detail, please feel free to contact the authors.

  • We expect global developments leading during H1 2017 before domestic developments take over the driving seat for H2 2017.
  • We see domestic CPI within the target bands this year implying flat policy rates throughout most of this year.
  • We see domestic growth rebounding off a low base to around 1.2% this year.
  • While we see the rand possibly stronger in the near term, we remain long term dollar bulls into year end.
  • Global trends seem to be switching from yield seeking to growth seeking.
  • Global geopolitical risks are heightened with specific flashpoints across the US, Eurozone and China