We’ve successfully achieved another milestone in the call to develop future industry leaders who are passionate about looking at the world differently and affecting change for the greater good.

The Nedbank CIB Graduate programme is one way in which we change the banking landscape. Through our programme, we have successfully moulded a group of candidates, of whom Sinovuyo Zipete (Corporate Shared Services), Megan Kotze (Client Coverage) and Tebogo Maake (Finance and Strategy) were crowned as our top three achievers.

“These top three graduates will together with nine other top graduates, embark on an international trip from 7 – 18 May 2018,” says Brian Kennedy, CIB’s managing executive. “They’ll spend the first week in Nairobi, Kenya, and the second in Bangalore, India, and will be exposed to banks in these countries, fintechs and other companies operating in a digital environment – including KCB Bank and Lelapa Fund in Kenya and Quana Capital, RBL Bank and Thought Factory in India.”

The graduate development programme is one of the bespoke and differentiated leadership, technical and engineering programmes in Nedbank CIB. They are vital elements of a thrust to ensure our people and human capital offering enable us to achieve set targets in 2020 and beyond.

“To do that and to build our future demand visionary leadership, we’re growing our capability in partnership with the best business schools, locally and globally,” says Kennedy.

Run over two years, our programme has been meticulously designed to include the following strategic elements:

  • A six-week corporate and investment banking programme, delivered by Netherlands-based Oxyor, a global leader in investment banking training and simulations
  • A mentorship programme sponsored by senior CIB leadership
  • An 18-month development programme through Duke CE, focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, business acumen, exploring disruptors in banking and most importantly, building the personal leadership capabilities to navigate the VUCA world.

Kennedy says that the top graduates are given the opportunity to explore the financial industry and specifically corporate and investment banking from an African and emerging market context.

“We’re excited by the prospect of our graduates’ contribution to Nedbank CIB in the future,” concludes Kennedy.

Nedbank CIB’s Vac programme is currently open for applications. If you are a top-performing third-year and postgrad, click here to find out the qualifying criteria. You could be next!