What started as an experiment between Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking (Nedbank CIB) and South African-based pest and disease management company, Aerobotics, has been commercialised into a precision farming solution. Our agri clients can now harness drone technology to assess tree crop health, identify pests and diagnose diseases.

As part of the Nedbank CIB Venture Capital mandate, Nedbank CIB has invested a minority equity interest to enhance its partnership with Cape Town-based Aerobotics, and the results are set to transform farming globally.

Aerobotics uses satellite and drone multi-spectral imagery and machine learning algorithms to survey and analyse crop health from the sky. Harnessing integrated AI, combined with an in-house analytics program, the solution not only allows farmers to detect pests and diseases in the earliest stages of development, but is also a cost-effective way for them to maximise crop yields and ensure better, data-driven decisions.

All these features and benefits are set to make the intuitive and highly affordable Aerobotics technology, the future platform of the global agricultural industry, to better serve farmers.

You can read more about Nedbank CIB’s innovative disruption initiatives here: https://bit.ly/2CN3bYz

About Nedbank CIB

To find out more about Nedbank CIB: https://bit.ly/2eupqpe

About Aerobotics

Aerobotics provides farmers around the world with world-leading early-detection pest and disease management systems for tree crops using drone and satellite data. The Aerobotics software, called Aeroview, links to the Aerobotics Aeroview Scout App, enabling farmers to use their smartphones to pinpoint problems on a tree-by-tree basis. With success achieved for over six million trees to date, Aerobotics is setting the standard for tree-crop analytics globally and innovating agricultural processes as we know them.

To find out more about Aerobotics: https://www.aerobotics.io

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