The Disruption Agenda is a Nedbank CIB and Plug and Play Tech Centre initiative that brought 10 visionary startups from across the globe to South Africa to meet with top business leaders.

Introducing: LifeQ – one of the Top 10 innovators that attended The Disruption Agenda

Trends reveal that environmental and personal risk is worsening, with human behaviour being a driving factor.

Halfway through 2018, there had already been more than 150 cash-in-transit heists in South Africa. Diabetes prevalence in South African women increased from 8% to 13% between 1980 to 2014. Studies reveal that 16% to 20% of driver fatigue is linked to serious highway accidents. And there are severely restricted access to healthcare services in rural areas where physicians are reluctant to practice.

These, as well as a range of other problems that exist in South Africa, can be solved by intelligently combining science-based technologies that allow for the safe, affordable and continuous monitoring and analysis of a person’s unique health, behaviour and environment.

LifeQ recognised the opportunity to leverage physiological data by bridging the gap between limited insights gained from expensive medical outputs and inexpensive consumable devices with less efficient outputs.

“LifeQ technologies, working with others from across the value chain, is able to enrich the data generated from source towards providing a solution that solve complex risk problems,” states Dylan Garnett, Change Strategist for LifeQ, “we are a world-leading science and technology company that wants people from all walks of life to enjoy optimal health.”

LifeQ focuses on wearables. It implements a unique multidisciplinary approach underpinned by in-depth knowledge and understanding of human physiology and systems biology to extract and deliver relevant and meaningful person-specific digital biomarkers from various curated data sources.

The LifeQ team consists of most of the systems biologist talent in the world, and the products are produced in Stellenbosch and in Amsterdam. LifeQ generates, and makes available, high-value personalised health information, which would otherwise be inaccessible or only obtainable through costly and invasive means. The focus is on interpreting information that comes out of wearables, insidables (something that you can consume that acts as a sensor and sends information) and neurobles (for example video imagery). The information can be used to detect impairment for example, like fatigue when operating machinery, allowing detection for safety when, for example, a worker is operating dangerously, or hasn’t prepared enough.

In collaboration with other leaders and innovators, LifeQ enables the secure delivery of proactive, tailored, and scalable health and risk management solutions with proven outcomes through the LifeQ platform. The secure platform, which has already been integrated with the world’s most scalable health information platforms, ensures that a strict user opt-in only process is followed throughout, thereby upholding individual data privacy.

Consumers benefit from accurate and insightful health information, disease prevention and management programs, and more affordable and tailored life and health insurance products. LifeQ ensures that the consumer has full control and ownership of their health. The platform is compliant with European privacy and security regulations as well as HIPAA.

With LifeQ, smartwatch, fitness tracker and other wearable device companies are able to unlock, and continuously track, digital biomarkers that have already been vetted by the insurance and healthcare industry for its usefulness to reliably assess the health of an individual, as it pertains to the insurance and healthcare industry.

“I am very excited that LifeQ has been selected for Plug and Play as it will serve as a great platform to help identify and address real needs that exist in South Africa and the broader African continent, thereby furthering LifeQ’s vision of improving human health and wellbeing at scale,” concludes Garnett.

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