Nedbank Investor Services has been given top ratings by international magazines covering the global finance and securities services business.

Global Finance magazine which is distributed to company chairmen, presidents, CEOs, CFOs, treasurers and other financial officers in 158 countries, named Nedbank as South Africa’s best sub-custodian bank.

Global Custodian magazine which covers the international securities services business and has a circulation of 20 000 investment professionals around the world, said Nedbank Investor Services  outperformed the market in all service categories in its 2017 client survey.

“As custodians deal with increased liability from new regulatory requirements, they are seeking the safest and best sub-custodians with whom to entrust client assets,” said Joseph D. Giarraputo, publisher and editorial director of Global Finance.

“With these awards, we recognize those sub-custodians that do the best job of meeting their clients’ needs in increasingly complex markets.”

In selecting their annual world’s best sub-custodians banks Global Finance’s editorial board considered market research, input from expert sources and entry information from banks to select the institutions that reliably provide the best services in local markets and regions.

The criteria included client relations, quality of service, competitive pricing, smooth handling of exception items, technology platforms, post-settlement operations, business continuity plans and knowledge of local regulations and practices. Global Finance also obtained input from users of sub-custody services.

In the Global  Custodian client survey, Nedbank Investor Services excelled  in relationship management and client service; cost and value delivered; settlement; asset servicing; operational reporting; technology; fund and unit accounting and valuation; reputation and asset safety.

An analysis of NIS performances in Global Custodian surveys from 2014 to 2017 shows consistent improvement through the years across all service areas, with scores having increased. Nedbank’s strongest service component year-on-year is institutional creditworthiness, followed by effectiveness in matching settlement rates.