Will Covid-19 be the catalyst for technology adoption in real estate?

  • Will this period of enforced digital uptake, dependency and remote working accelerate the adoption of proptech in Africa? What are the key barriers to adoption on the continent?
  • With a renewed focus on hygiene and occupational safety – how will smart building technologies impact the way we design, operate and manage our real estate going forward? Will occupier pressure force landlords to adopt quicker?
  • With an increased focus on costs and affordability – how can the implementation of green/sustainable technologies increase efficiencies and cost savings across the development and management value chain?
  • Data digitization, analytics and blockchain all have the power to alleviate Africa’s chronic issues of lack of transparency and ineffective land administrations- what practical solutions are we seeing implemented in this space across Africa and how long will it take for the industry and governments to adopt these new technologies?
  • How can we leverage on propetch to make marketing, site inspections, valuations, contract execution, payments, and conveyancing, happen electronically in Africa?

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