• The current crisis will put further pressure on liquidity and regional currencies – what are developers, investors and financiers doing to weather the storm?
  • The regional real estate sector has a high concentration of retail centres, especially in countries like Zambia and Botswana- how will this impact the overall sector and how are developers with large retail exposures navigating this period ?
  • Covid-19 has caused disruption of economic activity across the SADC region – how will economies like Zambia and Zimbabwe, that were already struggling pre-Covid-19, recover? Will the IMF finally intervene?
  • Potential delays in the oil and gas FDI’s/projects caused by the pandemic – what does this mean for Mozambique’s economy and real estate sector? Will the momentum gained over the last 12-months be lost?
  • With major pressure on regional currencies – is it time for pension funds and local institutional capital to take a more active role in the sector?

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