The days of learning a specific skill and then making a lifetime career out of it are long gone. As are the days of corporate ladders being the only means to achieve the heights of success. Today’s working world requires talented individuals who can adapt to fast-changing environments. It needs innovators, thinkers, creators and collaborators that don’t just do jobs, but create opportunities, transform realities and build better futures for everyone by making a real, positive difference.

According to Pam Ramauthar, Senior Lead; Talent and Acquisition at Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB), the business is acutely aware of the fact that a changing world requires such dynamic young people with the ability to carve out their own niche. And it’s actively looking for these young difference makers to join its ranks through its Nedbank CIB Graduate Programme.

‘The programme is designed to attract, develop, retain and grow the very best graduates, primarily from previously disadvantaged groups,’ says Miss Ramauthar. ‘This is to build a strong talent pipeline of dynamic young professionals who can deliver scarce skills, contribute to our business strategies, and drive the transformation of our business and industry. In return, Nedbank CIB offer them all the insights, experience and opportunities they need to become tomorrow’s global banking leaders.’

To deliver on this commitment the Nedbank CIB Graduate Programme gives graduates the opportunity to kickstart their career at one of South Africa’s leading financial institutions. They also receive extensive exposure to theoretical and practical training in a diversity of fields – all while being coached and mentored by industry experts with proven track records in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, corporate finance and a host of other specialised financial fields.

Qualifying graduates are employed as full-time Nedbank staff members, with all the accompanying employee benefits, for the duration of the programme. They participate in a six-week investment banking foundational programme, presented by an international service provider, before embarking on an 18-month programme that helps them hone their skills in everything from investment banking disciplines and fintech trends to personal leadership and design-thinking methodology. They even have the opportunity to make a difference in society by being involved in a Nedbank CIB-endorsed corporate social investment project.

And because Nedbank CIB recognises that the world of banking is global, the top-performing participants travel to two international destinations, and gain valuable African and global work and industry experience.

‘At Nedbank CIB, we see money differently, but also strongly believe that it is necessary to go beyond seeing to proactively doing,’ says Miss Ramauthar. ‘Our graduate programme is a key way to prove this commitment by creating opportunities for recently graduated young difference makers to harness their talent, passion, creativity and innovation to be the change they want to see in the world.’

For more information on the Nedbank CIB Graduate Programme or to apply for this exciting opportunity, go to Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) Graduate Programme.

Applications close on 31 July 2020.