The concepts and systems on which corporate and investment banking are grounded today reach much further back than many people realise. In fact, several principles we still use can be traced back to the merchants and traders of medieval Italy. As their reach and trading capacity increased, so did the risks they carried and therefore the need to implement systems and regulations to protect their interests.

Centuries later international securities continue to be traded, alongside the expansion of societal developments and technological advances on an exponential scale, intensifying the need for industry-specific financial services and solutions.

Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking is a division of Nedbank – one of Africa’s leading banks in providing global-markets, transactional, corporate and investment banking services to a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors and industries.


An aircraft finance division made up of expert personnel allows us to provide customised solutions for structuring, arranging and executing high-value transactions globally. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of the field and understanding of its challenges, particularly in the African context, enables us to provide tailormade financing structures in line with each client’s individual risk profile and requirements.

Real estate

We lead the market in providing agile commercial property finance solutions across Africa, guided by the deep, industry-specific experience and expertise of our team.

Oil and gas

In addition to having a number of established clients in the mature productive regions of Nigeria, Angola and the North Sea, we provide funding to independent and emerging oil-and-gas companies on the Atlantic margin, the East African rift system and the Rovuma basin. Our services include reserve-based lending, pre-export finance, development finance and revolving credit facilities, supported by our team’s expert understanding of clients’ goals and requirements.

Public sector

Our dedicated public sector business unit boasts a team of highly skilled professionals whose thorough understanding of the sector enables them to offer state-of-the-art solutions that answer the challenges posed by the complex regulatory framework of the public sector. We approach the needs of our clients in this sector with a sharp focus on supporting their mandates of service delivery and socioeconomic development at all spheres of government.

In a world that is changing constantly, maintaining consistency in service excellence and possessing the necessary skills and knowledge to anticipate and adapt to challenges and advances in any given sector are the core attributes that set us apart.

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