CurrenciesThe rand continues to hold sub-15.0000 despite negative local factors.
Commodities Oil dropped 1% to around $61 a barrel; Gold declined.
EquitiesEuropean equities climbed on Monday; The S&P 500 rose for the first time in three trading sessions; Asian stocks slipped, erasing an early gain, as investors sold financial companies after a drop in bond yields.
EconomicsUK consumer confidence increased 7 points; Japan CPI remains in deflation.
23/03UKUnemployment–/5.2%/5.1%Unemployment expected to increase marginally in January.
24/03SACPI–/3.1%/3.2%Expected to decline on a year-on-year basis due to a decrease in medical aid inflation.
24/03UKCPI–/0.8%/0.7%Inflation expected to pick up marginally in February.
25/03SASARB Interest Rates–/3.5%/3.5%Rates expected to be on hold.

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Source: Nedbank

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