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WATCH: Retail sales jump 2% year-on-year in February

By | 2020-05-21T13:52:47+02:00 May 21st, 2020|Sustainable Business, Watch This|

Retail sales increased in February, rising 2% year-on-year. This was mainly boosted by sales at general dealers and 'all other retailers' which include sporting and second-hand goods. Business Day TV discussed what the data suggests for sales going forward with Reezwana Sumad from Nedbank CIB. In partnership with Business Day TV. If you [...]

WATCH: Auto sales’ slump, lockdowns weigh on PGM market

By | 2020-05-21T13:35:10+02:00 May 14th, 2020|Investment Banking, Sustainable Business, Watch This|

The PGM market is feeling the wrath of the coronavirus. That's as falling car sales and mine closures, driven by lockdowns, weigh on metal prices. Business Day TV spoke to Nedbank CIB's Arnold Van Graan for his view on whether this trend is set to continue for the rest of the year. [...]

WATCH: Should SA telcos firms shift into infrastructure?

By | 2020-05-07T12:02:23+02:00 May 7th, 2020|Investment Banking, Sustainable Business, Watch This|

According to Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking, South African telcos firms have been dealt a blow over the past 3 years and a move into infrastructure may be a way to unlock value for shareholders. Business Day TV caught up with the Preshendran Odayar from Nedbank CIB for more detail. In partnership [...]

WATCH: What SMEs can do to repair their balance sheets

By | 2020-05-19T10:22:21+02:00 May 6th, 2020|Investment Banking, Sustainable Business, Watch This|

Month end has come and gone and it looks like UIF was a complete disaster. So what do you do to repair your balance sheet? Business Day TV's Michael Avery talks to Kumaran Padaychee, CEO of Spartan SME Finance; Michael Brandon, Head of Sales: Customised Trade Solutions Nedbank CIB; John Morrow COO of ALTFIN Solutions [...]

Business News – 29 April 2020

By | 2020-04-30T10:13:54+02:00 April 30th, 2020|Investment Banking, Watch This|

Edcon has started voluntary business rescue proceedings, PSG's silenced the rumour mill saying the cautionary issued last week related to Capitec and MTN's Nigeria unit has delivered a solid first quarter performance. Jones Gondo speaks to Business Day TV on the current Land Bank situation. If you enjoyed watching this video, you [...]

WATCH: How the lockdown shakes up property sector

By | 2020-04-23T08:56:16+02:00 April 23rd, 2020|Investment Banking, Sustainable Business, Watch This|

As uncertainty around the widening economic fallout from the Coronavirus continues to grow, the South African Real Estate Investment Trust Association has taken steps to cushion the impact, and asked Treasury to provisionally relax Reit tax rules. Business Day TV spoke to Nedbank CIB's Ridwaan Loonat for more of the detail. In [...]