Why trust our advisory services

Advice to optimise strategic transactions
Extensive expertise in various sectors
Ranked as one of the best advisers in South Africa
Dedicated JSE Sponsor Services unit

Our approach is as unique as your business needs

We immerse ourselves in your organisation to provide detailed analysis on the performance and prospects of your business and sector. We also stay on top of industry trends and regulations to identify investment opportunities, anticipate potential risks and recommend fit-for-purpose financing solutions.


An advisory team for every sector

A new industry trend or update to a regulatory rule can make or break a transaction. We offer industry-specific financial advice as well as structuring and technical expertise, customised to your business sector and geared towards optimising your strategic goals.

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Corporate finance

Corporate finance

We provide advisory services and expertise with a team specialising in accounting, law, engineering, consulting, actuarial science and research.

  • Extensive expertise across all sectors of the economy
  • Innovative advisory services and experience
  • End-to-end solutions through a dedicated JSE unit
  • Access to major global players through our London office
Equity capital markets

Equity capital markets

We assist with the origination, structuring and underwriting of primary and secondary equity private placements to raise capital for growing or refinancing your business.

  • Extensive skills across a range of specialised service offerings
  • Leading equity market insights and years of experience
  • Customised advice and solutions to suit your business requirements
  • Access to specialised products


JSE Sponsor Unit

JSE Sponsor Unit

We offer support and end-to-end solutions to help JSE-listed corporates navigate the complex regulatory environment.

  • Direct JSE Limited sponsor experience
  • Guidance to clients listed on the main board and interest rate market of the JSE Limited
  • Assistance in complying with regulatory, statutory and governance requirements
  • A strong understanding of the broader regulatory environment in South Africa