Why choose our corporate investing services?

Direct access to dealers
Teams dedicated to mitigating risk
Constant reviewing of investment products
World-class, professional service

Direct access makes the difference

Engage directly with a dealer committed to understanding your investment strategies, offering advice, and providing analysis and research on securities and financial products.


Corporate and institutional investments

Every business and organisation have unique investment goals. To set your business up for success, we immerse ourselves in your unique strategies and requirements, and then design bespoke solutions to suit your specific needs.


Nedgroup Cash Management

Make your capital work harder with Nedbank Cash Management, a platform that allows you to invest in one of our mutual funds to turn your money into highly liquid, short-term instruments.

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Our corporate investing options

Corporate and institutional investments

Corporate and institutional investments

We pride ourselves on our vast experience and solution options. These include:

  • Call accounts that pay out interest monthly
  • Notice deposits with no fees or charges
  • Cashflow Optimiser that splits your investment between a fixed and fluctuating amount
  • Term deposits that guarantee your capital for the investment term 
Nedbank Cash Management

Nedbank Cash Management

If you’re looking for high liquidity and very low risk, consider investing your money in one of our money market funds that give you:

  • Higher yields
  • Easy access to your cash
  • The services of industry-leading investment professionals
  • Funds that are independently rated by Global Credit Ratings Co (GCR)

For more information, visit the Nedgroup Investments website.