IHS Affordable Housing Conference | 14 September 2023

Edging the affordable-housing landscape forward by pushing the boundaries of sustainable finance models, looking beyond progressive technology and drawing insights from the industry's periphery.

How do we expand the affordable-housing sector?

The affordable-housing sector is poised for a significant breakthrough. But how can we harness the insights gained from the industry's periphery to propel it forward? The 15th annual International Housing Solutions (IHS) Affordable Housing Conference will offer the perfect platform for stakeholders to challenge the status quo within this ever-evolving field. IHS is the leading provider of affordable housing in South Africa.

The focus


Through focused collaboration and various in-depth panel discussions, sector leaders and prominent role players will drive transformation by tackling limited financing options in the industry, rising costs, policy uncertainty and the pressing need for sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Panel topics

Panel 1

Panel 1

Edge of illumination


Energy impact on housing in Africa: 

Is it possible for affordable housing to evolve without energy security? Delve into the broader context as we explore the essential components needed for cultivating edge-sourced resilience: workable policymaking, practical financing mechanisms, and meaningful partnerships that will not only harness the viability of alternative power but also push the limits of energising the sector. 

Panel 2

Panel 2

Edge-defying policies


Shaping the future of the affordable-housing industry organisation: 

Are the strategies for organising the affordable-housing industry too unconventional or not conventional enough? This panel will go beyond conventionalism and focus on edge-centric policies and approaches that disrupt the status quo and set the course for the industry's trajectory.

Panel 3

Panel 3

Charting from the edge


ESG and its role in elevating capabilities and benefits: 

Welcome to the unveiling of the transformative power of ESG – the driving force that challenges traditional business practices, creates sustainable and ethical outcomes, and propels organisations forward by providing a competitive, yet compelling, edge.

Panel 4

Panel 4

Edge of possibilities


Innovating affordable housing for the future: 

When we dare to question the established norms, we find ourselves on the threshold of limitless possibilities. Join our panellists as they reimagine what’s possible – from sustainable building materials and smart housing technologies to groundbreaking innovations that are set to redefine the perimeters of affordable housing.

Panel 5

Panel 5

Edging closer


Innovating conversion at the fringe of possibility:


Interested in shaping spaces with a unique and edgy twist? How do we construct conversion opportunities that lie at the cusp of ingenuity and development? It's all about edging closer and pushing the limits of design to create something truly distinctive and edge-voluntionary.


Keynote speaker

Bruce Whitfield

Respected journalist and author  will feature as a keynote speaker, and will share his rather unorthodox advice about thriving at the edge of chaos.



IHS Affordable Housing Conference - Khayise Mashifane

Meet Khayise Mashifane, the driving force behind Residential Property Finance at Nedbank. We’re thrilled to sponsor the 15th Annual IHS Affordable Housing Conference. We’ll discuss ESG and its role in elevating capabilities and benefits for delivery of affordable housing.

IHS Affordable Housing Conference - Mivuyo Balintulo

Mivuyo Balintulo from Nedbank Home Loans fondly recalls her first home, a humble two-bedroom apartment, but the sense of pride in calling it her own was immeasurable. She’ll delve into Nedbank’s offerings for the affordable housing market at the 15th annual IHS Affordable Housing Conference this week.

IHS Affordable Housing Conference - Vanessa Murray

Meet Vanessa Murray, Divisional Executive of Property Finance at Nedbank CIB. We believe that housing extends beyond four walls. It's about nurturing communities built on unity and mutual support.

Nedbank CIB Property Finance track record

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Redefine Properties Limited


We effectively orchestrated the issuance of a R1,65 billion green bond within a comprehensive R5 billion debt-refinancing initiative on behalf of Redefine Properties Limited.


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Affordable residential housing

Affordable residential housing


Nedbank, in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation, launched a R1,09 billion green bond aimed at promoting and bolstering the development of EDGE-certified affordable residential housing projects in South Africa.


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