Unlocking a sustainable future


Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking is proud to announce its instrumental role in closing a groundbreaking multi-billion rand financing deal for Envusa Energy, an innovative energy trading platform that is set to redefine the energy landscape.

This transformative project signifies a monumental leap for Anglo American, positioning it at the forefront of the southern Africa's decarbonisation journey.

Nedbank CIB took centre stage and played a pivotal part in shaping and executing this historic endeavour, assuming critical roles as co-mandated lead arranger, lender, hedge provider, coordinating bank, technical bank, insurance bank, facility agent and account bank.

The financing facilitates the initial phase of renewable energy projects for Envusa Energy, dedicated to helping Anglo American in its transition to renewable energy solutions. The 1st phase includes solar and wind projects with a total capacity of 520 MW, underscoring Nedbank’s commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth across the continent.

Amith Singh, Head of Energy Finance at Nedbank CIB, concludes: 'Envusa Energy represents a landmark deal that exemplifies our dedication to driving sustainable and inclusive growth across Africa. By supporting clients in their transition to a low-carbon economy, we play a pivotal role in the ongoing journey towards cleaner energy solutions.’

Energy transition offers a unique opportunity to generate substantial new economic opportunities as part of South Africa’s journey towards an inclusive, sustainable, and low-carbon economy. With Anglo-American progressing towards a low-carbon future, the impact on local communities is expected to be substantial. These projects will result in considerable electricity cost savings to Anglo's operations compared to existing tariffs, and will have a significant positive impact on local communities across southern Africa.

Nolitha Fakude, Chair of Anglo American’s Management Board in South Africa and Envusa Energy, expressed her delight at the strides made in priming Envusa Energy for enduring success as a leading renewable energy entity in South Africa. The attainment of financial closure for these 3 premium renewable energy projects is a fundamental moment in Anglo American’s global decarbonisation efforts and strengthens South Africa’s resolve for a robust, resilient and clean-energy future.

The portfolio of solar and wind projects, supported by Nedbank CIB, positions Anglo American as a frontrunner in sustainable mining practices.

As the wheels of progress turn, Nedbank CIB stands as a catalyst for positive change, leading the charge towards a greener and more sustainable future for southern Africa.