Our offering is enhanced by

  • Tailored pricing and risk management strategies

  • Dedicated teams with in-depth sector knowledge  

  • Global funding partners and local expertise

  • Future-proof and sustainable finance solutions


In 2021, we provided R3 billion in sustainability-linked loans, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions, and improving water quality and energy efficiency.

R1,09 billion

Raised through the issuance of a green residential development bond. Proceeds will finance EDGE-certified green residential housing developments in South Africa, up to 75% of which will be in the affordable-housing segment. This instrument is a first of its kind.

R910 million

Raised through the issuance of the first green additional tier 1 instrument in Africa from a commercial bank. Funding will be directed strategically to support financing new green renewable-energy projects in South Africa.

R125 million

Raised through the issuance of a green housing bond. Proceeds will support additional mortgage finance solutions for consumers buying into green-certified developments.

Looking into commercial property?

Go with the market leader

We are market leaders in commercial property finance with highly skilled experts operating across our business in South Africa and select markets in other African countries. Our team has extensive property experience and well-established networks that enable us to provide tailored financing solutions including senior debt, mezzanine finance, and equity participation.



R3,1 billion sustainability-linked debt facility for Old Mutual

A first for Old Mutual, the R3 billion-plus sustainability-linked loan facility was largely developed and engineered by Nedbank CIB, in collaboration with Old Mutual, to reduce the intensity of carbon emissions and invest in SMMEs.


R10 million facility to educate the next gen

We partnered with an alternative student funding organisation to provide a R10 million facility to create approximately 800 new tertiary education loans for previously disadvantaged young South Africans.

Our sector expertise

Your competitive edge

Whether you are in mining and resources, telecommunications, retail, media, construction, pharmaceuticals, food production or property, our sector expertise enables us to stay on top of industry trends and identify opportunities to give your business the competitive edge.

Explore our financing solutions

Aircraft finance

Aircraft finance

Reach new heights with customised solutions to structure, arrange, and execute high-value transactions.

  • Tailored pricing and financing structures
  • Purchasing, maintenance and operational costs
  • Financing for lessors and airlines across the full aircraft range 
  • Facilitation and acquisition of airlines from South Africa to Kenya  
Carbon finance

Carbon finance

Access innovative carbon finance opportunities with strategies to mitigate risks, maximise revenue and provide long-term sustainable solutions.

  • Earn additional revenue through annuity streams 

  • Reduce energy bills and consumption

  • Prepare for future carbon tax legislation 

  • Include carbon reductions in sustainability reporting

Corporate lending and advances

Corporate lending and advances

From working and expenditure capital to new projects, and mergers and acquisitions, our solutions are designed around your long-term strategy.
  • Meet your general business needs 
  • Alleviate business capital pressures 
  • Revitalise and smooth cashflow peaks 
  • Help structure your balance sheet 
Debt capital markets origination

Debt capital markets origination

Partner with the only team in South Africa with a dedicated bond syndication arm to facilitate the raising of debt capital. 

  • Diversified source of debt finance 
  • Origination and syndication capabilities
  • Competitive pricing, rating analysis and benchmarking 
  • Specialised legal and credit resources 
Energy finance

Energy finance

From large-scale and centralised utility power generation to small-scale, off-grid power solutions, we initiate, execute and manage transactions in the African power sector.

  • Sector expertise across the power value chain

  • Customised financial products

  • Embedded-energy finance 

  • Largest and most experienced financier 

Export credit finance

Export credit finance

Grow your business with long-term solutions to buy or sell capital equipment and project-related capital expenditure. 
  • Credit enhancement and risk mitigation 
  • Cost-effective financing solutions
  • Appropriate repayment terms and borrowing limits 
  • Insights into a spectrum of industries and countries 
Global commodity finance

Global commodity finance

Take your business to the world with structured trade and finance related to commodity transactions for traders, processors and intermediaries in Africa and beyond.
  • Expertise in agriculture, energy and metals supply chains

  • Network of local and international experts  

Infrastructure, TMT and public sector

Infrastructure, TMT and public sector

We arrange and underwrite senior, junior and mezzanine finance for projects with players across infrastructure, Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) and public sector industries.  

  • Financial, technical and jurisdictional knowledge in South Africa and Africa 

  • Mitigated risks to optimise stakeholder returns 

  • Holistic approach to funding across entire capital structure 

  • International network of funding partners 

Leveraged and diversified financing

Leveraged and diversified financing

We have a proven track record in arranging, underwriting, structuring, funding and syndicating acquisition and leveraged finance deals.  

  • Innovative financing solutions  
  • Capabilities to assess, structure and deliver funding
  • Network of financial institutions, private boutiques and more
Mining and resources

Mining and resources

We create innovative financing solutions across a range of commodities with a focus on sustainability and clean-energy solutions.

  • In-house technical skills in structuring funding 

  • Broad range of skills across the risk spectrum

  • Insights in a range of commodity markets 

  • Full-service offering through long-standing relationships


Nedbank property partners

Nedbank property partners

We structure bespoke funding solutions consisting of mezzanine and equity finance to enhance the senior debt offering for commercial property transactions.

  • Risk diversification through equity participation 
  • Strong experience and broad networks 
  • Facilitation of strategic solutions 
  • Accelerated growth and risk mitigation 
Oil and gas

Oil and gas

We provide funding to companies operating in Africa and Europe, including independent companies, oil and gas companies and state-owned companies.

  • Established track record in the oil and gas sector  

  • Funding in line with Nedbank's net zero carbon economy goal

Private equity

Private equity

As a leading private equity investor, we’ve successfully invested in a range of companies over the past 25 years.  

  • Expertise in industrials, healthcare, IT, telecoms and more 
  • Co-investment partnerships from our investor network
  • Strong track record of investing in unlisted businesses
  • Skilled management in buyouts and buy-ins
Property finance

Property finance

We provide unique senior debt solutions, often combined with mezzanine funding and equity investment for a powerful client proposition.

  • Market-leading financier
  • Excellence in structuring funding solutions
  • Growing African footprint
  • Sustainability-linked financing 
Specialised distribution

Specialised distribution

Unlock value through unconventional assets with South Africa’s only dedicated Debt Capital Market fixed-income distribution unit.  

  • In-house global syndication desk in London
  • Debt capital funding across asset classes and geographies 
  • Specialised legal and credit resources  
  • In-depth market knowledge 


Structured solutions

Structured solutions

Backed by a dedicated expert team, we help finance equity investments, with a focus on BBBEE-related transactions.

  • Enhanced funding efficiencies 
  • Dividend-yielding investments 
  • Skilled use of all forms of debt instruments  
Sustainable finance solutions

Sustainable finance solutions

Our experience and recognition in structuring, arranging and co-ordinating sustainable-finance solutions and robust products set us apart.

  • Pioneering innovative and impactful solutions  

  • Identifying opportunities to move sustainability forward 

  • Collaborating with clients, investors and key players to unlock value

  • Recognised globally for excellence 

Venture capital

Venture capital

We turn potential into profit by investing in entrepreneurs who are disrupting traditional industries and need growth capital to scale. 

  • Business analysis and fit-for-purpose solutions  
  • Local and international distribution networks  
  • Advisory team to guide you through transition 
  • Advisort team to offer transition guidance 
  • Opening market opportunities and traction at launch