Asset-based Finance


Generate sufficient clean energy for your business requirements, reduce energy consumption and maintain your business operations, with innovative financing options from Nedbank.


Renewable Energy


Renewable energy protects your business against revenue loss and production interruptions caused by power outages.

Nedbank structures innovative financing solutions with a repayment period of up to 10 years, using your energy savings in structuring repayments while conserving your business cash flow, as well as insuring these type assets at competitive rates.

The cost of solar investment can be offset against the savings on electricity costs.


We finance the following equipment:

  • Photovoltaic (PV panels)               

  • Biomass equipment

  • Hydro-electricity equipment

  • Hohm Energy solar installations

  • Solar concentration (heat equipment)

  • Wind turbines

  • Other proven energy hardware solutions

  • Verifiable energy-efficiency equipment

Our services:

  • Advisory   

  • Design

  • Energy audits and business case development

  • Sourcing

  • Project Management

  • Turn-key installations

  • Technical assurance

  • Innovative financing options and insurance


How does Nedbank Asset-based Finance Solar work?


Step 1: Assessment and Understanding of your business.

Initial assessment of the energy needs of the business determined through telephonic and physical interactions including site visits.


Step 2: Advice and Consultation.

Based on the assessment of your business, you will be advised on the various options to optimise your energy use and how best to supplement through your own generation.


Step 3: Engineering and Solution design.

Our expert engineers ensure the technical needs are met and draft specifications for your renewable energy solution.


Step 4: Procurement.

Our Hohm energy is technology agnostic and has relationships with major suppliers to ensure best pricing and quality products.


Step 5: Installation, Construction and Ongoing Maintenance.

We offer and ensure seamless installation of the selected solution.


Step 6: Ongoing maintenance

We offer continuous maintenance and support after installation and commissioning. 


Nedbank Asset-based Finance Solar

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