Nedbank CIB and Bank of China Strategic Partnership


Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) is excited to announce the expansion of its strategic collaboration with Bank of China (BoC). This enhanced partnership, building on a successful memorandum of understanding (MoU) that was signed in 2013, aims to facilitate increased business flows between China and Africa.

The initial MoU was designed to empower BoC clients by granting them access to an African bank with a deep understanding of doing business on the continent. Simultaneously, Nedbank clients looking to expand into China and other Asian markets have benefited from BoC's expertise.

Over the years several key milestones have solidified the BoC–Nedbank partnership, with both banks collaborating across multiple businesses, including global markets, investment banking and transactional banking. For instance, Nedbank CIB arranged and brought BoC to the domestic bond market through a R3 billion domestic medium-term note (DTM) programme. Additionally, BoC has become Nedbank’s preferred bank for renminbi flows, leading to streamlining transactions.

The collaboration has been mutually beneficial and strategically supports Nedbank’s focus on the China–Africa trade corridor. This tactical partnership plays a pivotal role in capturing a substantial share of capital as well as goods and services flowing between these geographies.