100 mini hospitals built in rural Zambia

Through a partnership with NMS Infrastructure Limited (NMSI), Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking has helped realise improved access to quality healthcare in rural Zambia. With the facilitation of a US$300 million hospital construction deal, this venture comprised the building of 5 district hospitals and 115 mini hospitals in rural communities, with more than 100 already completed.

The project has not only created economic hubs around each site, upskilling 1st-time construction workers and employing around 96% local labour, but has also drastically reduced the up to 40 km distances that expectant mothers had to walk to the nearest clinic. In turn, this has significantly increased newborn survival rates, all because the building of district and mini hospitals has become 120 of the best reasons to identify a suitable site for each hospital’s construction near a rural community.


Making an impact on maternity care in remote areas

These 21-bed mini hospitals have made a massive impact on maternity care in remote areas, enabling pregnant women to access pre- and postnatal care for both mother and child as well as emergency assistance. These satellite hospitals are also designed to relieve the pressure on over-burdened hospitals in larger centres, providing primary and intermediate care that was previously inaccessible to nearby rural communities. These hospitals also cater for vaccine administration and milestone check-ups, which enable a healthy and flourishing young population to establish a foundation on which to thrive.

By straddling sectors with in-depth knowledge and experience across property development, infrastructure, healthcare and beyond, unexpected and scalable solutions are created that radiate sustainable impact across the entire ecosystem to shape the socioeconomic future of a continent. 

The incredible success of this venture has been replicated in West Africa through Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking’s participation in a €293,3 million GTR award-winning partnership with NMSI to build 6 hospitals in the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire.

When you see unexpected connections, you see sustainable growth.