8,7 MW solar deal powers SAB

Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking is proud to have once again partnered with solar development company, SOLA Group, in a mass power generation deal for AB InBev’s South African operations – the South African Breweries (SAB). The deal encompasses an 8,7 MW renewable energy project, with 7 solar plants installed across SAB’s various production centres throughout South Africa. This means that SAB can not only sustain production in the face of erratic national electricity supply, but can also drive the expansion of its operations through a multimillion investment into the country. In this way, we simultaneously bolstered SAB’s production and the country’s economy, all while reducing the load on the national grid. 

As 1 of the largest industrial businesses in South Africa, the conversion of SAB’s sites to solar becomes even more significant. 'The PV systems will produce close to 14 GWh of electricity a year – the equivalent of taking over 2 000 cars off the road,' says Chris Haw, Chairperson of SOLA Group.

Mass power generation deal for AB InBev’s South African operations – the South African Breweries

The power purchase agreements facilitated for SAB is geared towards achieving AB InBev’s sustainability objectives set at a global level. 'Not only is solar a viable and cost-effective option for us, but it also aligns to our global sustainability strategy, which entails being 100% renewable by 2025,' says Taryn Rosekilly, Vice President of Procurement and Sustainability at SAB and AB InBev Africa.

These solar PV plants span across sites in various areas of the country, including the Western Cape, Limpopo, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. Combined, they consist of over 23 000 solar panels and will generate 175 new jobs in addition to existing SOLA Group employees who are already working on the project.

It’s through this kind of connection thinking across sectors, with the expertise to see relationships between ESG and business impacts that others don’t see, that enable us to create the most innovative solutions that yield growth for the entire ecosystem.

When you see unexpected connections, you see sustainable growth.